Casualty Service


If it’s an emergency, every second is crucial. And so is the treatment given. Casualty service at Oman Alkhair  Hospital is an exclusive center committed to provide immediate treatment in any emergency. All the Emergency Medicine doctors and support staffs are trained to deal with cases from minor injuries to patients requiring  trauma care. The Department of Emergency Medicine at Oman Alkhair , combines technology and unmatched medical expertise to provide advanced emergency care, with utmost efficiency. All Doctors at Oman Alkhair Hospital remain on-call while in town for any emergency care Situation.

The pre-hospital care is assisted by and carried out in a fleet of fully equipped ambulances manned by paramedical personnel intensely trained in basic life support and trauma care. In highly critical cases a doctor accompanies the paramedical team to avoid any delay in reaching life-saving medical care to the patient from the hospital

24Hr casulaty is supported by ICU, NICU supported with experienced & well trained medical team round the clock.